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PGN (NMEA Network Messages) - Electronic
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Product Name : NMEA 2000® Appendix B POWER SUBSET
PGN (NMEA Network Messages) - Electronic
Product Code : POW
Member Price: $350.00
Non-Member Price: $500.00
This POWER Parameter Group SUBSET provides a a full listing of all current POWER parameter groups defined by
NMEA 2000® Standards Committee. In addition to these specific POWER parameter groups,all SUBSETS also contain all mandatory parameter groups implemented by all NMEA 2000® certified products.  Although this report contains complete definitions for the POWER parameter groups contained within it, implementation and use of parameter groups requires a sound understanding of all NMEA 2000® requirements, which may not be fully disclosed in any single NMEA 2000® publication. Complete listings of all Data Dictionary, Data Format, and Data Type definitions contained in NMEA 2000® are only available with full copy of Appendix B Version 2.000 containing all NMEA 2000® parameter groups.  SUBSETS are only available electronically.

Parameter Groups represent the fundamental information unit on the NMEA 2000® backbone, and are used to transmit information from one device to another. Parameter Group selection for the product will depend on the specific functionality desired, and may require development of new Parameter Groups and approval by the NMEA 2000® Standards Committee, particularly when the proposed functionality is new to NMEA 2000®. Any company may request new NMEA Network Message (PGNs)by contacting the NMEA Technical Director, Steve Spitzer,