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Product Name : Advanced NMEA 2000® Installer Training - Sidney, BC
Product Code : AN2K9
Member Price: $650.00
Non-Member Price: $850.00
The class consists of a half-day PowerPoint presentation before the included class lunch. The second half of the day will be all hands-on, as students split into small groups at classroom work stations equipped with complex NMEA 2000 networks.

The purpose of the hands-on portion is to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in the ability to design, build, configure, evaluate, backup network files and troubleshoot using techniques taught by the NMEA instructor.  The training class features NMEA 2000-certified products from virtually all major manufacturers, including multi-function displays (MFDs) and multiple sensors of the same function, which require instruction on instancing. Most importantly, this allows students to get familiar with the advanced NMEA 2000 setup features within each manufacturer’s MFD, as this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

There are 2 main pre-requisites for the Advanced NMEA 2000 Installer Training:

 1.    Student must have taken and passed the Basic NMEA 2000 Installer Training.
 2.    All students must have at least one year of field experience installing marine electronics before NMEA will issue an Advanced NMEA2000 Certificate.
 a.    If the student already does have this field experience, it needs to be verified in writing by the student's employer.
 b.    If the student does not yet have this field experience (for example they are a new hire, graduate, new to the industry, or apprentice), they will be eligible for their Advanced NMEA2000 Certificate exactly one year from the date of issue on the NMEA2000 certificate.

Please note that any student can take the Advanced NMEA 2000 Installer Training and test at any time. As a marine electronics installer, field experience is the best independent teaching tool.

This requirement eliminates the possibility of good test takers with no field experience.

 Passing Score: 80%
Address of Event:
Quadrant Marine Institute 2300 Canoe Cove Road Sidney, BC V8L 3X9 Canada
Start Date: 12/8/2017
End Date: 12/8/2017