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NMEA Mission Statement

The mission of the National Marine Electronics Association is to be a worldwide, self-sustaining organization committed to enhancing the technology and safety of electronics used in marine applications and the profitability of its members, by:
  • Providing effective leadership to its members
  • Facilitating communications between members and various constituent groups
  • Encouraging members to establish quality processes
  • Furthering the education of its members and various constituent groups
  • Influencing the applicable legislative and regulatory processes

NMEA Vision

Adding membership value. NMEA’s greatest potential for advancement lies in adding value for its members.

NMEA Values

To facilitate and support the development and implementation of standards and uniform government regulations for the marine electronics industry applicable to recreational and regulated vessels.

To facilitate, support and provide marine electronics training, including required and recommended recurrent certified training programs.

To provide a responsive organizational structure that effectively deploys resources and voluntary leadership for maximum member benefit.

To listen and respond to members with timely and accurate information about the state of the industry, regulatory issues, and business practices that may have a direct and material impact on member’s operations.

Code of Conduct for NMEA Members

To be considered a member of NMEA in good standing, a member shall:
  • Uphold and abide by the by-laws and decisions of NMEA
  • Pay all dues within the described time limits
  • Uphold all NMEA manufacturer members product warranties
  • Conduct business in accordance with the Federal, State, and local law, and ensure all marketing and service policies and procedures are fair and reasonable.
  • Provide information (if applicable) so the purchaser can be fully informed about the product and its application(s).
  • Assist and cooperate with fellow members of NMEA and actively promote and support NMEA in the public sector for the benefit of the marine electronics industry as a whole and to the best interest of the end user in general.
  • Actively support, to the best of the member’s ability, NMEA volunteer committees and activities as may be adopted by NMEA, including the annual NMEA Conference and Expo
  • Actively support, to the best of the member’s ability, any of NMEA’s education and certification programs as may be adopted by the association.
It shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors, by periodic review, to assure the membership’s compliance to the above tenets and take appropriate action, where required, in the best interests of NMEA.

Code Of  Ethics
National Marine Electronics Association
Board Of Directors
The members of the Board of Directors of the NMEA have agreed that to better serve the members who have elected them that they must:

  1. Promote the NMEA and its Membership in an ethical manner without regard to personal gain or individual reward.
  2. Agree to perform the tasks for which they volunteer in a timely manner accepting the responsibility that accompanies the honor of service.
  3. Attend scheduled meetings of the Board of Directors; bringing with them the enthusiasm that contributes to successful leadership.
  4. Refrain from personal confrontation and not allow personal differences to encumber the work of the Board.
  5. Present a unified outcome of all issues when presenting these issues to the Membership or general public regardless of personal disagreement.
  6. Not disclose the business of the Board to outsiders until final action has been approved.
  7. Conduct their own businesses in an ethical manner to be representative of the spirit of NMEA goals.
  8. Expect no treatment or benefit not available to Members of a similar class of membership.
  9. Make decisions and chart a course for the NMEA that will endure through future Boards.
  10. Encourage by education and example the ethical conduct endorsed by the NMEA Board.

As a member of the NMEA Board of Directors, I have read the above code of ethics and agree to abide by these guidelines to the best of my ability.

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