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NMEA 0183 Interface Standard

The NMEA 0183 Interface Standard is used worldwide across many industry segments. The standard defines electrical signal requirements, data transmission protocol and time, and specific sentence formats for a 4800-baud serial data bus. Each bus may have only one talker but many listeners. This standard is intended to support one-way serial data transmission from a single talker to one or more listeners. This data is in printable ASCII form and may include information such as time, position, speed, water depth, etc.

Please note that certain websites offer explanations and examples of NMEA 0183 sentences. In most cases they are very old versions or incorrect interpretations and should not be depended upon for accuracy.
 The NMEA 0183 Interface Standard is a COPYRIGHTED document and available only from NMEA. Other Internet offerings are not authorized and may constitute a copyright infringement.

Latest Version of NMEA 0183 (Version 4.11)
As of November 2018, NMEA has published a new version of NMEA 0183—Version 4.11, which replaces Version 4.10 and includes updates to the entire suite of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) sentences. This includes interface clarification for the use of GPS (US), GLONASS (Russia), GALILEO (Europe), BDS (China), QZSS (Japan), and NavIC ((IRNSS) (India)). Deployment of these new systems ramped up the need for sentence updates. Also included are new Navigation Satellite System Receiver Talker Identifiers and Sentence Formatters, an expanded GNSS Identification Table and examples of the use of the satellite systems.

NMEA 0183 Pricing
NMEA has established a tiered pricing system based on industry group. Being that NMEA is a marine electronics industry association, we only issue memberships to marine electronics companies.
  • Marine Industry  $1000 (NMEA Member), $2000 (non member)
  • Government / Industrial / Testing  $5,000
  • Consumer Electronics  $7,500
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NMEA 0183 HS (High Speed)
The NMEA 0183-HS standard defines electrical signal requirements, data transmission protocol, and timing for a 38.4K-baud serial data bus.   Each bus shall have only a single TALKER but may have multiple LISTENERs.  Specific sentence formats are common to both NMEA 0183 and NMEA 0183-HS and are defined in NMEA 0183. Standard rate NMEA 0183 operates at 4800-baud and utilizes a different electrical interface.
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NMEA 0183 Version Updates
Updates and future updated versions of the NMEA 0183 Standard are available at no charge to marine electronics manufacturer companies who have previously purchased the standard, providing that the manufacturer is a member of NMEA for that calendar year and in good standing. Non member marine companies and companies in other industries outside of marine electronics who have previously purchased the NMEA 0183 standard can purchase future updated versions for 50% of the published price of the standard. Detailed pricing is based on industry group listed above.
NMEA will verify this information.
NMEA 0183 Amendments, Corrigenda, Errata

Click here for Amendments,Corrigenda, Errata

NMEA 0183 Standards Committee:
The NMEA 0183 standards committee is made up of volunteer industry subject matter experts. 
If you are interested in joining the committee, please email info@nmea.org

Committee Chair- Lee Luft, U.S. Coast Guard

NMEA 0183 Archived Versions:
NMEA 0183 Archived Versions may be purchased by emailing info@nmea.org.
Pricing is 50% off the prices listed above based on industry group.

NMEA 0183 Manufacturer Mnemonic Codes:
NMEA Provides all industries across the globe with NMEA 0183 Manufacturer Mnemonic Codes. This is provided at no charge to the marine industry only.
All other industry usage requires purchasing the NMEA 0183 Standard at the appropriate industry group price listed above.
Please click here for the 0183 Manufacturer Mnemonic Code Application Form. The form must be completed in full and emailed to info@nmea.org
NMEA will verify all information before issuing a Manufacturer Code.
Below is the list of all worldwide NMEA 0183 Manufacturer Codes

20210720 NMEA 0183 Manufacturer Code Listing
NMEA 0183 Talker Identifier Mnemonics:
Below is a list of all worldwide NMEA 0183 Talker identifier mnemonics.


NMEA 0183 Sentence Formatters and Titles:
Below is a list of all NMEA 0183 Sentence Formatters and Titles.

20200131 NMEA 0183 Sentence Formatters and Titles

NMEA 0183 Retired (Deprecated) Sentences
Below is the list of all NMEA 0183 Retired (Deprecated) Sentences not recommended for new product designs

NMEA 0183 Retired (Deprecated) Sentences 
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