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NMEA 2000® Interface Standard

Standard for Serial-Data Networking of Marine Electronic Devices

The NMEA 2000® standard contains the requirements of a serial data communications network to inter-connect marine electronic equipment on vessels. The standard describes a low-cost moderate capacity bi-directional, multi-transmitter/multi-receiver instrument network to interconnect marine electronic devices. It is multi-master and self configuring, and there is no central network controller. Equipment designed to this standard will have the ability to share data, including commands and status with other compatible equipment over a single channel. It is based on CAN (Controller Area Network). All NMEA 2000® products must be certified by NMEA.

New Release (April 2022) NMEA 2000® Version 3.000
NMEA has released a new and improved version of the NMEA 2000 Standard, Version 3.000. This new version, when implemented by manufacturers, will yield better product interoperability through improved requirements in the NMEA 2000 Main Document language, new PGNs, and upgraded Certification Tool. Nineteen new NMEA 2000 Network Messages (PGNs) have been added to Appendix B, including a full suite of Lighting PGNs, which manufacturers can use to implement standard lighting controls via NMEA 2000-certified lighting control boxes and MFDs. Other new PGNs include a Linear Actuator PGN for control of outboard engine jack plates and davits, Bow Thruster PGNs, Anchor Windlass PGNs, Elevator PGNs, and a Vessel Acceleration PGN to aid in crash detection. All amendments and corrigenda from the prior release of the NMEA 2000 standard have been rolled into this new version. Application notes on select new PGNs and their implementation have been added to Appendix D of the standard. 
A vastly improved NMEA 2000 certification hardware & software tool has also been released. This new release addresses the majority of the upgrade suggestions from manufacturers over the past several years and includes test automation support to make automatic regression testing a reality. Manufacturers are required to certify new products to the updated standard within 18 months, although the NMEA is encouraging them to do so before the August 2023 deadline. NMEA is also urging manufacturers to update their current products’ firmware to support the new PGNs in this the latest edition. New NMEA 2000 customers now have an easy way to purchase specific parts of the standard based on their specific development plan. 
For more information, or to obtain your licensed copy of Version 3.000 of the NMEA 2000 Standard, email info@nmea.org or call 410-975-9425.

NMEA 2000 Standard Pricing

NMEA 2000 Version 3.000 is sold in four different ways, all as digital serialized pdf documents only. Due to copyright and licensing, the NMEA 2000 Standard is not sold via an online store. Customers must email info@nmea.org or call 410-975-9425 to purchase via credit card or bank wire.
Upon payment and verification, NMEA will email a secure download link to the purchaser.

1. NMEA Network Message Database (NMEA 2000 PGNs Appendix A & B)
Price  $660 Member  $900 non-member

2. NMEA 2000 Core (Main Document, Appendix C: Certification Test Criteria, Appendix D: Application Notes, Appendix H: Gateway)
Price  $1,115 Member  $1,925 non-member

3. NMEA 2000 Physical layer (Appendix I: Cables & Connectors)
Price  $250 Member  $425 non-member

4. NMEA 2000 Full Document Set (Items 1,2,3 above plus ISO 11783-3, 11783-5, 11898 Documentation)
Price  $2,495 Member  $4,000 non-member

NMEA 2000 Standard Version Updates
Updates to the NMEA 2000 Standard will be made available to manufacturers who have purchased the standard at no cost providing that the manufacturer is a member of NMEA for that calendar year in good standing. Non member companies who have purchased the standard that are not current members of NMEA can either renew membership to obtain the update for free, or can remain a non member and pay 50% of the published price of the standard. 
NMEA will verify this information.

NMEA 2000 Certification Tool and Product Certification
All NMEA 2000 products must be certified based on the NMEA 2000 License Agreement. This can be done by the manufacturer or by a third party. The NMEA 2000 Certification tool can assist manufacturers through NMEA 2000 development and also generates a mandatory encrypted certification file which is sent to NMEA for validation. After validation, by NMEA certification is granted and use of the official NMEA 2000 logo and term "NMEA 2000 Certified" is to be used on all manufacturer product marketing material.

Certification Tool Pricing: $2000 Member  $4,000 non-member

Certification Verification by NMEA Pricing $850 Member  $1,500 non-member

NMEA 2000 Manufacturer Code & Product Code(s)
Each manufacturer must purchase a NMEA 2000 Manufacturer code issued by NMEA. This code uniquely identifies the manufacturer on the NMEA 2000 network. Additionally, for each NMEA 2000 product certified by NMEA, a unique product code much be purchased, which identifies the manufacturers product on the NMEA 2000 network.To obtain the latest list of published NMEA 2000 Manufacturer and Product codes, email info@nmea.org

Manufacturer Code Pricing:  $1,200 Member  $2,000 non-member

Product Code Pricing:  $450 Member  $700 non-member

NMEA 2000 Class and Function Codes
Each certified product must broadcast their respective class and function code.
The latest NMEA 2000 Class and Function codes are available upon request by emailing info@nmea.org
NMEA 2000 Amendments, Corrigenda, Errata
Safety related updates and bulletins to the NMEA 2000 Standard are listed at the link below and are available for download at no cost.
Non safety related and non mandatory additions and amendments to the NMEA 2000 Standard are only available to companies who have purchased the NMEA 2000 Standard and are current NMEA members in good standing within the calendar year. NMEA emails all companies who have purchased the standard when an amendment or new version is published. Companies can also request these amendments by emailing info@nmea.org.
NMEA will verify purchase and membership information before sending amendments.

Click here for NMEA 2000 Amendments,Corrigenda, Errata

NMEA 2000 Standards Committee:
The NMEA 2000 standards committee is made up of volunteer, highly technical industry subject matter experts. 
If you are interested in joining the committee, please email info@nmea.org

Committee Chair- Andy Campbell, Actisense UK
Co Chair- Andrew Bazan, Mercury Marine

NMEA 2000 Archived Versions:
NMEA 2000 Archived Versions may be purchased by emailing info@nmea.org.
Pricing is 50% off the published price of the latest version, providing the company is a NMEA member in good standing.
NMEA 2000 White Papers and Presentations

Click here for NMEA 2000 White Papers and Presentations
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