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Only the NMEA 2000® certified products (A-Z Listing) below have met all requirements and have full NMEA 2000® certification.
Products that are marketed or labelled : "NMEA 2000 compliant" or "works with NMEA 2000" are not NMEA 2000® certified and may not interoperate properly with other NMEA 2000® certified products.

Make sure products you buy are NMEA 2000® Certified

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Chetco Digitial Instruments

Box 5359
1340 Winchuck River Rd.
Brookings, OR 97415
United States

Manufacturer Code : 481

Chetco SeaSmart NMEA2000 TCP/IP Gateway
Model #: SeaSmart NMEA2000 TCP/IP Gateway
SeaSmart is a network gateway that bridges NMEA 2000 to TCP/IP using WiFi (802.11 b/g) or Ethernet thus allowing access to data using standard networking devices. An embedded Web Server enables any browser based device to view and control information from the bus. A full suite of network services allows remote access from any internet connection and supports multiple clients. Dual serial ports support both NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 access over network connections making it ideal to integrate legacy equipment such as AIS receivers and Autopilots. The compact SeaSmart.net adapter is self-powered from the NMEA 2000 bus making it perfect for smaller vessels.
Software Version: 2.202
Hardware Version: 1.03
Date Certified: 6/21/2012
Load Equivalency Number: 6
Chetco SeaSmart Analog Gateway
Model #: Chetco SeaSmart Analog Gateway
Multifunction programmable general sensor unit for engine and vessel monitoring. Converts 8 analog sensors (resistive and voltage) plus 2 pulse (tachometers). All sensor calibrations are user programmable via supplied vDash software and PC USB port. Dual data ports will support NMEA 2000 and RS232/USB thus allowing both NMEA 2000 bus and PC/Display at the same time. Programmable Low/High Alarm points for each sensor.
Software Version: v2.203
Hardware Version: G
Date Certified: 7/6/2012
Load Equivalency Number: 1
Chetco SeaSmart NMEA 2000 Gateway
Model #: SeaSmart NMEA 2000 Gateway
The SeaSmart.net NMEA 2000 bidirectional gateway is very compact design is water-resist and low power.
Software Version: c2.202
Hardware Version: v1.03
Date Certified: 7/6/2012
Load Equivalency Number: 1
 1-3 of 3 records

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