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Only the NMEA 2000® certified products (A-Z Listing) below have met all requirements and have full NMEA 2000® certification.
Products that are marketed or labelled : "NMEA 2000 compliant" or "works with NMEA 2000" are not NMEA 2000® certified and may not interoperate properly with other NMEA 2000® certified products.

Make sure products you buy are NMEA 2000® Certified

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National Instruments Korea

169 Daehwa Building 8th Floor
Samsung don, Gangnam gu
Seoul, 135-882

Manufacturer Code : 529

Model #: 20130214
LabVIEW based NMEA2000 Network monitoring system.
Software Version: 2.0
Hardware Version: 2.0
Date Certified: 12/23/2013
Load Equivalency Number: 3

Nautibus Electronic GmbH

Schloßkoppelweg 26
Heikendorf, D-24226

Manufacturer Code : 147

Philippi CBN
Model #: P3358 Philippi CBN
Interface for charger and battery monitoring
Software Version: 1.0
Hardware Version: 1.0
Date Certified: 7/29/2015
Load Equivalency Number: 1

Nautic-On, A Brunswick Company

3108 W Adams St.
Suite 800B
Chicago, IL 60606
United States

Manufacturer Code : 911

Nautic-on Hub
Model #: 1.0
NAUTIC-ON smart boating platform brings together remote monitoring, diagnostics and service to ensure that your boat when ready when you need it.
The NAUTIC-ON platform lets you stay in touch with your boat’s location and vital information, giving you a remote view of the status of your boat. Monitoring your boat’s key systems and receiving alerts when your boat is having issues is with our intuitive app and optimized diagnostics. Designed for remote diagnostic data sharing with maintenance providers NAUTIC-ON will help you take care of issues efficiently.

Features include:
• Monitor battery life, bilge pump activity, engine status and more
• Share diagnosstic information with service providers for efficient maintenance and repairs
• Track location of boat and set geofence boundaries
• Receive notifications of potential and real-time issues remotely
• View weather and wind conditions at the boat’s location
• Onboard system communications via 4G LTE cellular connection
Software Version: 1.01.19
Hardware Version: 1.0
Date Certified: 2/21/2019
Load Equivalency Number: 1


United States

Manufacturer Code : 275

Model #: Ghost
Freshwater trolling motor with integrated Lowrance sonar options and GPS anchoring.
Software Version:
Hardware Version: 1
Date Certified: 4/30/2020
Load Equivalency Number: 1
Class B AIS Transceiver.
Navico NAIS 400
Model #: NAIS 400
Class B AIS Transceiver
Software Version: 040200.01.xx.xx
Hardware Version: 4
Date Certified: 9/21/2012
Load Equivalency Number: 1
Model #: V5035
Class A Automatic Identification System (AIS)
Software Version: 1.0.5
Hardware Version: M-PCB-AISMBV4
Date Certified: 1/26/2015
Load Equivalency Number: 1
RI12 - HALO Radar
Model #: RI12 - HALO Radar
The RI-12 is the interface between the HALO Radar and the Navico MFD. When connected to a 12V or 24V DC source, the RI-12 produces the required operating voltage to the HALO Radar. It also accommodates the Ethernet and NMEA 2000 data interface and connections providing the necessary heading data to the radar and spoke data to the MFD
Software Version: 1.2.7
Hardware Version: N/A
Date Certified: 11/2/2015
Load Equivalency Number: 1
Model #: SonicHub2
Wirelessly connect your Bluetooth® enabled smartphone, tablet or other media devices to the SonicHub® module for control of your favorite music selections directly from your display. Input lines on the SonicHub2 module also allow a direct connection and Lowrance SIRIUS® radio (USA only) and integrated AM/FM radio tuner*.

Connected either directly to a single Lowrance High-Def® display or to multiple displays via a NMEA 2000® network, SonicHub2™ allows the boater to control their onboard music components from their high-resolution display on the boat."
Software Version: 151014
Hardware Version: N/A
Date Certified: 1/5/2016
Load Equivalency Number: 1
Precision 9 Compass
Model #: Precision - 9 Compass
Presicion-9 is a solid state compass
Software Version: 1.0.0-rc-1
Hardware Version: N/A
Date Certified: 5/6/2016
Load Equivalency Number: 1
NAC-D Autopilot
Model #: 1
: NAC-D is an autopilot gateway, converts Yamaha, Volvo, or Yanmar autopilot system into NMEA2000 compatible with Navico's MFDs
Software Version:
Hardware Version: 1
Date Certified: 10/29/2020
Load Equivalency Number: 1
Model #: 1
Dynamic Digital Switching (DDS) is a NMEA2000 Navico digital switching system.
A connected vessel offers intuitive and fully integrated control of lights, pumps, and other on-board appliances. With a digital switching system, you can monitor and control your vessel’s electrical systems from several Navico multi-function displays. Switch individual circuits on or off with a touch.
Software Version: 1.02.132
Hardware Version: 1.0
Date Certified: 10/21/2020
Load Equivalency Number: 1

Naviop S.R.L.

Via E Barsanti 10
Forli, 47100

Manufacturer Code : 503

Naviop FOS Module N2000
Model #: 0001
FOS Module N2000 is a gateway between the network NMEA2000 and a proprietary bus used by Naviop displays
Software Version: 1.00.00
Hardware Version: 0001
Date Certified: 10/31/2012
Load Equivalency Number: 1
Model #: OP BOX
Naviop's OP BOX is a gateway between NMEA2000 network and proprietary buses
Software Version: 1.00.00
Hardware Version: 1.0
Date Certified: 4/15/2019
Load Equivalency Number: 1


United States

Manufacturer Code : 193

Nobletec NMEA 2000 PC Interface
Model #: NMEA 2000 PC Interface (NGT-1-NBL)
Full bi-directional NMEA 2000 PC Interface Gateway.
Required messages can be configure and sent using a PC software program (Config Tool etc) that uses the ActisenseComms DLL.
Software Version: 2.190
Hardware Version: 1.03
Date Certified: 2/24/2011
Load Equivalency Number: 1

NoLand Engineering

728 E. Lincoln Ave., No. 3
Melbourne, FL 32901
United States

Manufacturer Code : 517

RS11 Engine Data Converter
Model #: RS11 v4
The RS11 converts tachometer signals and analog gauge voltages from virtually any engine into CANbus messages (NMEA 2000). It is configurable for either single or dual engine installations and can be used with existing analog gauges or as a replacement for them. It includes a USB PC interface for initial configuration, data monitoring, and software updates.
Software Version: 3.22
Hardware Version: 4
Date Certified: 10/2/2013
Load Equivalency Number: 1
Dual Engine/Vessel Monitor
Model #: MD33
The MD33 collects analog engine data and NMEA 0183 navigation data for dual engine vessels. All collected data is sent to a PC via USb for display/logging by supplied software. Engine data is also converted to NMEA 2000 for diplay by user MFDs.
Software Version: 2.32
Hardware Version: 2.0
Date Certified: 8/22/2014
Load Equivalency Number: 1

Nothern Lights

4420 14th Ave. N.W.
Seattle, WA 98107
United States

Manufacturer Code : 374

GSC400 Plus GenSet Controller
Model #: GSC400-0-12-LSB
GSC400 NMEA2000 Genset Controller
Digital GenSet controller with instrumentation
Software Version: 3.02
Hardware Version: 4.06
Date Certified: 8/30/2010
Load Equivalency Number: 1
Northern Lights Remote Controller
Model #: GSC400
Northern Lights
Genset Remote Controller
Remote display and start/stop control panel
Software Version: 1.00
Hardware Version: 4.25
Date Certified: 8/30/2010
Load Equivalency Number: 1
 1-19 of 19 records

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