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Electrical & Electronics Installers Can Earn 3 Certifications in 4 days!
Please note that NMEA and ABYC have postponed all Combined training events until 2022.
Please monitor the NMEA and ABYC websites for new information.

These four-day training events will focus two of the days on ABYC marine electrical standards and training, and two days on NMEA marine electronics standards and training. These will be the marine industries premier training events specifically designed as a one-stop shop for boat builders, installers, technicians, marine mechanics, and surveyors to get trained on ABYC and NMEA standards. The four-day training classes will consist of:

Day one - ABYC Marine Electrical Certification Training
Day two - ABYC Marine Electrical Review & Exam
Day three - NMEA Marine Electronics Installer (MEI) Training & Testing
Day four - NMEA 2000 Network Installer Training & Testing

Member*: $1295
Non-Member: $1795
*Paid membership is required with either ABYC or NMEA for member pricing.

Course Includes:
3 Certifications: ABYC Electrical, NMEA Marine Electronics Installer, NMEA 2000 Network
Study Materials for each course and a provided lunch will be served all four days.

Course Descriptions:
ABYC Marine Electrical Certification
This certification is geared toward marine electricians with broad experience in both troubleshooting and equipment installations, both AC and DC. The certification covers key areas from twelve different knowledge areas as follows:

     Basic electrical fundamentals
     Cable installation and termination
     Maintaining and installing battery systems
     Battery charging systems
     Inverter installation and troubleshooting
     AC shore power systems
     AC generators
     AC panel boards
     DC panel boards
     AC components
     DC components
     Safety equipment

Course Materials Included with Registration:

(2) Pre-recorded Webinars
ABYC Electrical Certification Study Guide

NMEA Marine Electronics Installer (MEI)
Recently updated with the most current information available! This training is suitable for installers, product designers, surveyors, etc. This is an introductory course in marine electronics installation that clarifies and defines competent installation practices. Topics include: Ohms law, grounds, battery and battery chargers, DC wiring, EMI, coaxial cables, antennas, Class B AIS, marine VHF radios, transducers, radar, heading sensors and NMEA data interfacing.

Course Materials Included with Registration:

NMEA 0400 Installation Standard Version 4.00
Color Presentation Slide Handout

NMEA 2000 Network Installer Course
Primarily targeted for the beginner or those who have been installing NMEA 2000® but would like more information, more clarity and an opportunity to share ideas with others who have installed NMEA 2000® networks. The course provides information beyond the NMEA 0400 Installation Standard or the MEI and Advanced MEI Training. NMEA 2000® Network Course Topics include: cables, connectors, specifications, physical planning and documentation, power sources and distribution, voltage drop calculations, data messages (parameter group numbers), connecting to other data sources, network setup and troubleshooting. You will take from this class the near-term and long-term benefits of NMEA 2000® certified equipment, accepted installation practices for NMEA 2000® backbone cable and products, including selection of cable, power application point, and alternatives that make it work best. You will also have sufficient working knowledge of NMEA 2000® so you can successfully troubleshoot problems when they arise and correctly identify/repair/replace the faulty device(s) or network cabling problems. This course is not intended to teach programming nor to be training for manufacturing developers. Course Materials Included with Registration: NMEA 2000® course materials and excerpt from 0400 Installation Standards.
Course Materials Included with Registration:

Excerpt from NMEA 0400 Installation Standard
Color Presentation Slide Handout

For more information, contact either association:
Phone:                410-975-9425
Email:                  info@nmea.org
Web:                   https://www.nmea.org/content/Traincert/abycnmea_training.asp

ABYC - Casey Bates
Phone:                410-990-4460 ext. 101
Email:                  cbates@abycinc.org
Web:                   http://abycinc.org/abycnmeacombinedtraining

Cancellation Policy for Combined ABYC / NMEA Training:

ABYC and NMEA strive to prepare well in advance for training classes to assure the best student learning experience. We base the classroom selection and lunch delivery on enrollment size, and usually have a waiting list as this combined class is very popular.  If unforeseen circumstances occur (death, serious illness) the class can be cancelled and refunded at no charge. Otherwise, there is no refund. The cancellation policy is as follows:

Outside of 2 weeks before training date- Refund less $200 cancellation fee
Students may cancel outside of 2 weeks (for any reason) prior to the class start date. The cancellation fee is $200.

Inside of 2 weeks before training date- Refund less $400 cancellation fee
Students may cancel inside of 2 weeks (for any reason) prior to the class start date. The cancellation fee is $400.

No shows
Students that do not show up without any notice to ABYC or NMEA will not be eligible for a refund.

ABYC and NMEA will not be responsible for any expenses associated with the cancellation of a training course

Contact us for more information at: (410)975-9425 or fax (410)975-9450 info@nmea.org
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