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NMEA Instructor / Trainer Bios

Mike Spyros- Service Manager
Electronics Unlimited, Ft Lauderdale FL

Mike served as the NMEA Board of Directors Chairman from 2017 through 2019, and has been an NMEA Trainer since 2009. He is the Technical Director with Electronics Unlimited based out of Fort Lauderdale Florida starting there in 1982 as a service/bench technician. He has over 40 years experience installing, troubleshooting, repairing, and designing marine electronics systems on vessels up to 2000 He holds an FCC GROL, Radar Endorsement, GMDSS Maintainer/Operators License and is a Lifetime NMEA Certified Marine Electronics Technician (CMET), along with an ABYC Certified Electrician.

Kevin Boughton- Partner, Owner
Mid-Coast Marine Electronics, Rockland, ME

Kevin, Midcoast Marine Electronics in Rockland ME, has been an NMEA trainer since 2014. Kevin and his team of NMEA certified employees install and service most of the electronics installed on Maine's lobster boat fleet.  After electronics trade school and working for a local R.I. company that built telephone communications exchange equipment, Kevin joined the USCG and trained as a Boatswain’s Mate. He started in marine electronics in 1987 working for a company on Narragansett Bay in Barrington, R.I. In 1992 moved to Maine an established a marine electronics shop at a reputable marina in Camden, ME. After 6 years opened Midcoast Marine Electronics based in Thomaston, ME. In 2008, relocated MME to Rockland, ME. Joined the NMEA Education Committee in 2014 to present. Kevin holds an FCC GROL, Radar Endorsement, GMDSS Maintainer/Operators License and is an NMEA Certified Marine Electronics Technician (CMET), along with ABYC Certified Electrician.

John Barry- Owner
Technical Marine Support, Pleasant Prairie, WI

John has been an NMEA Trainer since 2013. He services the commercial shipping fleet in the Chicago / Milwaukee area in the great lakes. John Barry started Technical Marine Support Inc. to serve the marine electronics needs of boats operating in the Great Lakes and Inland waterways.  He holds NMEA CMET, FCC GROL and GMDSS licenses.  John has wide ranging experience on many types of boats, from yachts to commercial vessels, power to sail, large to small.  As an instructor, John has the ability to put complex technical subjects into understandable real world terms.  Today, TMS serves mostly commercial vessels on the Great Lakes and rivers, with integrated electronics installation, support and training.

Johnny Lindstrom - Omnisense Systems USA Inc
Port Angeles, WA

Johnny has been an NMEA trainer since 2006.  Johnny started in marine electronics at a dealership in 1977 as an installer because of his technical and mechanical back ground. He has since traveled to 5 continents and over 40 countries providing installation and project engineering for boat builders and ship operators.  Johnny has performed over 3000 installations of marine electronics ranging from simple VHF radios on small trailer-able boats to complete navigation and communications systems on board cruise ships such as Princess Cruises US fleet. He has served as consultant for several major marine electronics manufacturers in product design and development. In addition to his full time duties he has been an active member of the NMEA for over 30 years, and is currently the Past Board of Directors Chairman. Johnny holds an FCC GROL, Radar Endorsement, GMDSS Maintainer/Operators License and is an NMEA Certified Marine Electronics Technician (CMET), along with ABYC Certified Electrician.
Hugh Lupo
New England Marine Electronics, Norwalk CT

Hugh, Partner/Owner of New England Marine Electronics in Norwalk CT, has been an NMEA trainer since 2002. He is an ABYC Certified Marine Electrician as well as a Master electrician. He is certified with FCC with GMDSS Radio Operator/ Maintainer License. He is also a member of the IMO and International GMDSS task force where he is involved with the Safety at Sea Systems. Hugh has over 50 years of experience as a communications technician and electrician. Hugh began his maritime career working on tug boats on the Hudson River in Troy, NY. During this time he was also working as a construction electrician and passed his test as a Master Class A Electrician. Shortly after, he passed the FCC exam for Second Class Radio Telephone Operators with Radar Endorsement. When GMDSS became mandatory, he passed his GMDSS Operators/Maintainer with Radar License. Hugh has been working on commercial vessels from small construction pusher tugs to sea going ships. He started New England Marine Electronics in 1999. He has a reputation for his abilities to troubleshoot and repair problems others have failed to solve. Hugh's passion for this industry has led him to the role as instructor where he can pass along all of the knowledge he has accumulated throughout his experiences.
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