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The National Marine Electronics Technician, or NMET is similar to Certified Marine Electronics Technician (CMET), but without the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requirements. The purpose of the NMET program is to provide a "stepping stone” towards CMET.  The NMET exam is identical to the CMET exam and has the same "experiential knowledge” questions related to installing, troubleshooting, and repairing marine electronics.  CMET and NMET test questions are exactly the same, drawn from the same test pool questions with no differentiation.

The only differences between NMET and CMET are the NMET certification will not include the CMET prerequisite requirements that students must pass three FCC tests: Elements 1 (Marine Radio Operator Permit), 3 (General Radio Operators License—GROL) and 8 (Ship Radar Endorsement).  CMETs can also perform FCC Ship Radio Safety Inspections required by U.S.C.G.  NMEA Master dealers require a CMET on staff as CMETs are legally licensed to perform repairs and FCC Inspections.

Click here to download the NMET Application

What is on the Exam?
Aside from extensive knowledge of the NMEA 0400 Installation Standard, there are no other direct study materials associated with the NMET exam at this time. Experiential knowledge of troubleshooting and installing complex marine electronics systems is the basis of the exam. The CMET/NMET exam question pool, now nearly 500 in all, has been expanded and modernized by subject matter experts in the areas of radar, sat comm, GPS, Sat TV, autopilots, AIS, video displays, computers, heading devices, ethernet, MFDs, Wi-Fi, VHF, DSC, SSB, NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000, Electrical Principals, RF Principals, Transducers / Hydroacoustics, and Power Distribution.

Pre Requisites:
Test taker must have a current AMEI certificate and an Advanced NMEA 2000 certificate at the time of the exam.

Taking the Exam:
The NMET exam is a proctored, closed book, 150 question multiple choice test with a 2 hour time limit, and a passing grade of 80%. A standard calculator is allowed. Proctored testing arrangements must be scheduled by the test taker a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.
The exam can be taken / proctored as follows:
  • On line, proctored by NMEA staff
  • In person at your local Library, learning center, or college (NMEA will mail the test to the staff at the location you specify)
  • In person at the NMEA Conference
  • In person at the NMEA office in Severna Park, MD
Re-Taking the Exam:
There is 1 retake allowed within 60 days (included in exam price). If a test taker fails the re-take, the next available date to take the exam is 12 months from the date of first test; in which the standard exam price applies again.

NMET Renewals:
The NMET Certification is good for five (5) years from the date of issue. The renewal exam is an online 50 question test that does not require proctoring. The cost for renewal is $50 for NMEA members and $100 for non-members.  Once payment is received, links for the practice/renewal exams will be sent.

Once completed and passed, the NMET certification will be good for another five (5) years. If the exam is not passed within two (2) tries, the 150 question NMET exam will need to be retaken at the current rate (less the $50 already spent on the renewal attempt).
After a NMETs third and final renewal test, (and at the 15 year anniversary mark) a Lifetime NMET is awarded and no other renewals are needed. The only NMEA verification needed is confirmation that the individual is still actively working in the marine electronics industry.

Click here for the NMET Renewal Form

The NMET certification does not replace (and is not equivalent to) a CMET because a CMET has met a higher standard of expertise. Unlike NMETs, CMETs are legally allowed to repair VHF, SSB, and marine radar transmitters. The main difference between a NMET and CMET is that a CMET has successfully completed the FCC exams and is listed on the FCC website as such.  Pricing for the NMET / CMET exam is $100 for NMEA members and $300 for non-members.  NMEA can also administer FCC exams at  $50 for first 2 elements, and $75 for all three elements for everyone. Both the CMET exam and FCC exams must be proctored at the NMEA National Office or your local library.

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