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NMEA Installer Training

The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) has established an extensive training program.

NMEA Training events occur regionally around the USA, Canada, UK, and Europe.

NMEA Training Schedule

The training courses NMEA offers make up four single-day classes.

Day 1:   Basic Marine Electronics Installer Training (MEI)

Day 2:   Basic NMEA 2000® Installer Training

Day 3:   Advanced Installer Training* (AMEI)

Day 4:   Advanced NMEA 2000® Installer Training*

There is a 50 question exam at the end of each day long training class. The passing score is 80% or higher. If a student does not pass, they are allowed one proctored re take of the exam which must be arranged by the student with assistance from NMEA.
If the student does not pass the re take, they must re take the training class but can do so at a 50% discount.

NMEA members get pricing discounts for taking more than one training class during the same session.

Single Student Multi-Day Discount

Single day NMEA member price:               $450 (exception- Advanced NMEA 2000® Installer- $650)

2 class member discount:                         $75 discount (Example: MEI and NMEA 2000® classes)

3 class member discount:                         $150 discount (Example: MEI, NMEA 2000® & AMEI)

4 class member discount:                         $225 discount (Attend all 4 training classes)

These discounts apply for single student NMEA member registrations only.

Multiple Student Company Discount

A 20% discount per class will be offered to NMEA member companies who register three or more employees at any one training event.

*Advanced MEI and Advanced NMEA 2000® Installer Training Pre-requisites:

There are 2 main pre-requisites for the Advanced Courses:

1.    Student must have taken and passed the basic course
2.    All students must have at least one year of field experience installing marine electronics before NMEA will issue an Advanced Credential.
a.    If the student already does have this field experience, it needs to be verified in writing by the student's employer.
b.    If the student does not yet have this field experience (for example they are a new hire, graduate, new to the industry, or apprentice), they will be eligible for their Advanced Credential exactly one year from the date of issue on the Basic credential.

Please note that any student can take the Advanced classes and test at any time. As a marine electronics installer, field experience is the best independent teaching tool. 

This requirement eliminates the possibility of good test takers with no field experience.



Call 410-975-9425 or email info@nmea.org for additional information.

NMEA Training Classes Cancellation Policy:

NMEA strives to prepare well in advance for training classes to assure the best student learning experience. We base the classroom selection and lunch delivery on enrollment size. If unforeseen circumstances occur (death, serious illness) the class can be cancelled and refunded at no charge. Otherwise, there is no full refund. The cancellation policy is as follows:

Outside of 2 weeks before training date- Refund less $100 cancellation fee
Students may cancel outside of 2 weeks (for any reason) prior to the class start date. The cancellation fee is $100.

Inside of 2 weeks before training date- Refund less $200 cancellation fee
Students may cancel inside of 2 weeks (for any reason) prior to the class start date. The cancellation fee is $200.

No shows
Students that do not show up without any notice to NMEA will not be eligible for a refund.

NMEA will not be responsible for any expenses associated with the cancellation of a training course.

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