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National Marine Electronics Association
NMEA Renewal Policy for all Credentials

Effective May 1st 2018, all individuals who take NMEA Installer Training classes (basic and advanced) will have their credential good for five (5) years from the date of issue.  NMEA will contact each individual 12 months prior to their particular credential’s expiration as a reminder to renew.

The renewal procedure requires the individual to attend (or repeat) the particular training class or classes at the five (5) year mark at 50% off the NMEA member price. The individual must notify NMEA of which training class location they plan to attend based on the NMEA published Training Schedule, which can be found on the NMEA website. Upon payment, NMEA will email the current training material for the class or classes that are needed for renewal.

•    Basic Renewals can be done by attending a review & testing single day event (1/2 day Basic MEI and 1/2 day Basic NMEA 2000).
•    Advanced Renewals require a full day for each credential, either AMEI or Advanced NMEA 2000.

Advanced NMEA 2000 Renewal Form