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National Marine Electronics Association
Basic Marine Electronics Installer Course

MEI - Recently updated with the most current information available!  This training is suitable for installers, product designers, surveyors, etc.

This is an introductory course in marine electronics installation that clarifies and defines competent installation practices. Topics include: Ohms law, grounds, battery and battery chargers, DC wiring, EMI, coaxial cables, antennas, AIS, marine VHF radios, transducers,radar, heading sensors and NMEA data interfacing.

An MEI credential is an indication of a working knowledge of NMEA’s Installation Standard.

A Marine Electronics Installer has demonstrated this proficiency by passing an examination designed to measure understanding of those principles.

Course Materials Included with Registration: NMEA 0400 Installation Standards version 4.00 and supplemental course materials.

Pre-requisite: None
Passing Score: 80%
Cost: $450 Member, $650 Non-member

NMEA Training Classes Cancellation Policy:NMEA strives to prepare well in advance for training classes to assure the best student learning experience. We base the classroom selection and lunch delivery on enrollment size. If unforeseen circumstances occur (death, serious illness) the class can be cancelled and refunded at no charge. Otherwise, there is no full refund. The cancellation policy is as follows:

Outside of 2 weeks before training date- Refund less $100 cancellation fee
Students may cancel outside of 2 weeks (for any reason) prior to the class start date. The cancellation fee is $100.

Inside of 2 weeks before training date- Refund less $200 cancellation fee
Students may cancel inside of 2 weeks (for any reason) prior to the class start date. The cancellation fee is $200.

No shows
Students that do not show up without any notice to NMEA will not be eligible for a refund.

NMEA will not be responsible for any expenses associated with the cancellation of a training course.

A 20% discount per class will be offered to NMEA member companies who register three or more employees at any one training event.
-Single student registrations who register for 2 days: discount is $75, 3 days: discount is $150, 4 days: discount is $225.

Please submit registration form and fee to:

Education Department
692 Ritchie Highway, Suite 104
Severna Park, MD 21146


On-line Basic Marine Electronics Installer Course

  • This extensive training class usually takes students 4 to 6 hours to complete
  • This is the same training material that is taught in our classroom session
  • There are roughly 140 PowerPoint slides which you can download and keep
  • You can save your progress and exit, then come back to complete if needed
  • Skipping sections is not allowed
  • There is a 50 question test at the end of the course
  • A downloadable credential will be awarded for passing grades of 80% or higher
NMEA members (or people who join as new members on the nmea.org website) who pass the MEI or AMEI online courses get the electronic version of the 0400 Installation Standard (320 page document) FREE after course completion. The NMEA staff will verify your membership and then send out the electronic copy of the 0400 Installation Standard.

Non-members who pass the course can purchase the 0400 Installation Standard at the price of $300. Please email info@nmea.org if you wish to purchase.


For the Basic MEI course, you can choose to enroll in a class nearest you or you may also choose to do our on-line training.

Training Schedule

Course Training Registration Form

Click here for on-line training registration


  • You and your employer can market your NMEA training to customers—old and new—as an indication of your professional expertise.
  • Your NMEA training will serve as a "reference" for future employers.
  • Complimentary subscription to the Marine Electronics Journal for all MEIs who are NMEA members.


Effective May 1st 2018, all individuals who take NMEA Installer Training classes (basic and advanced) will have their credential good for five (5) years from the date of issue.  NMEA will contact each individual 12 months prior to their particular credential’s expiration as a reminder to renew. 

The renewal procedure requires the individual to attend (or repeat) the particular training class or classes at the five (5) year mark at 50% off the NMEA member price. The individual must notify NMEA of which training class location they plan to attend based on the NMEA published Training Schedule, which can be found on the NMEA website. Upon payment, NMEA will email the current training material for the class or classes that are needed for renewal.  

•    Basic Renewals can be done by attending a review & testing single day event (1/2 day Basic MEI and 1/2 day Basic NMEA 2000).
•    Advanced Renewals require a full day for each credential, either AMEI or Advanced NMEA 2000.

MEI Renewal Form