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National Marine Electronics Association
NMEA Certification Renewal Policy for all Certificates

The NMEA Certificate renewal grace period is 2 years from date of expiration.

To remain current with training, technicians who have had their NMEA certification (CMET, AMEI, MEI NMEA 2000) expired for more than 2 years must re-take the appropriate full training and full exam, but can do so with a 50% discount.  (Example MEI course fee for NMEA members is $450, 50% discount $225. Non-members $650, 50% discount $325)

For those who have expired within the 2 year grace period, they may renew by taking a 25 question on-line test (dependent on certificate: CMET, AMEI, MEI,NMEA 2000), and pay the standard renewal fee of $50.
Once payment is received at the NMEA office, staff will email you a link to take the on-line test.
Once you have completed the on-line test, the testing program will automatically email the test results to the NMEA office, in which NMEA staff can verify your grade, then print and mail your new certificate.

2016 NMEA 2000 Renewal Form

Online Renewal