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Intellian Technologies, Inc.

Intellian Technologies, Inc.

Title: Satellite TV Solutions for Dish Network and DIRECTV
Duration: 1:08:59
Description:Join us to learn about the latest updates for HD Satellite TV entertainment solutions from Intellian. This information packed webinar will be hosted by our leading experts in TVRO solutions. We will also cover the latest updates from Dish and DIRECTV broadcast services, and how you can offer simple HD solutions to your customers. This will be a an ideal opportunity to learn about the technical solutions and how to easily sell and promote the Intellian i-Series and s-Series. This webinar will mainly cover US solutions, but will provide information useful in other geographic regions.
Technical Contact: Paul Comyns
Email: paul.comyns@intelliantech.com
Promotions: Intellian is participating in the 5% order discount for orders placed during the NMEA Virtual Education Week

Welcome NMEA Members to the Virtual Education Week! 
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