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National Marine Electronics Association
NMEA Renewal Policy for all Credentials

Effective May 1st 2018, all individuals who take NMEA Installer Training classes (basic and advanced) will have their credential good for five (5) years from the date of issue. NMEA will contact each individual 12 months prior to their particular credential’s expiration as a reminder to renew.

The renewal procedure requires the individual to take a proctored renewal test. To protect the integrity of the credentials, NMEA no longer offers on-line testing.

The renewal test must be done and organized by the student at a local testing or proctoring facility such as a learning center or a local library. Proctoring can also be done at NMEA training events (see training schedule on the NMEA website), the NMEA National Office, and the NMEA Annual Conference & Expo.

When the student is ready to sit for the test, they must provide the proctoring facility information to the NMEA for verification and for sending the test materials to the proctor.  Please email proctoring location information to info@nmea.org and place in the subject line "NMEA Proctor Information”.

To renew your NMEA Installer credential, please click on the renewal form link below.