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NMEA2000® Standard

Standard for Serial-Data Networking of Marine Electronic Devices

NMEA Interface Standards are intended to serve the public interest by facilitating interconnection and interchangeability of equipment digital data, minimizing misunderstanding and confusion between manufacturer's equipment and provide safe and reliable communication for the boat and boater.

NMEA2000® standard contains the requirements of a serial data communications network to inter-connect marine electronic equipment on vessels. The standard describes a low-cost moderate capacity bi-directional, multi-transmitter/multi-receiver instrument network to interconnect marine electronic devices.

It is multi-master and self configuring, and there is no central network controller. Equipment designed to this standard will have the ability to share data, including commands and status with other compatible equipment over a single channel. It is based on CAN (Controller Area Network). All NMEA 2000® products must be certified by NMEA. Although this standard is 50 times faster than NMEA 0183, it is not intended to support high-bandwidth applications such as video.

NMEA2000® represents the cumulative efforts of the NMEA 2000® Standards Committee, a committee of multi-national industry and government subject matter experts and professionals who have contributed time and expertise to the development this standard.

The "NMEA Network Message Database" is the brand name of the IP of NMEA 2000.  When purchasing the NMEA 2000 Standard, along with the standard documents, you will receive the "Message Database" in a PDF report.

IEC 61162-3 references NMEA2000®.

NMEA 2000 Amendments/Corrigenda/Errata

NMEA2000® Class and Function Update

NMEA2000® Edition 3.101 March 2016 full set contains the following Appendices

NMEA2000® Main Document Version 2.000  December 2014

Appendix E - ISO 11783-3 First Edition - Data Link Layer  - Paper Only

NMEA2000® Appendix A – Application Layer (Parameter Group Definitions) Version 2.100 February 2015 (NOW with "NMEA Network Message Database" in PDF form

Appendix F - SO 11783-5:2001 First Edition - Network Management – Paper Only

NMEA Network Message Database (formerly known as Appendix B) Version 2.100 February 2015 (NOW with Appendix A).  This is a PDF report not a mdb file.

Appendix G - ISO 11898 First Edition – Paper Only

Appendix C - Certification Criteria and Test Methods Version1.201 March 2016

Appendix H - Version 1.000
3rd Party Applications w/NMEA 2000 Certified 3rd Party Gateway

Appendix D - Application Notes Version 2.100 February 2015

Appendix I Version 1.000 - Cable & Connector Specifications

You may purchase the complete Edition 3.101 March 2016 full set or you may purchase the documents separately.  For older archived versions contact Steve Spitzer Director of Standards, sspitzer@nmea.org.

What does NMEA2000® Certified Mean?

Why NMEA2000® pdf presentation


NMEA2000® Standards Committee

NMEA2000® is a registered Trademark of the National Marine Electronics Association.