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Basic Marine Electronics Installer and Basic NMEA 2000® Installer Training Courses Online

Take the NMEA Basic Marine Electronics Installer Course

Take the NMEA 2000
® Installer Training Course

The National Marine Electronic Association’s basic technical training courses are now available online at a cost of $299 each. Student technicians taking the online sessions receive the same PowerPoint educational information and tests as those given in classroom sessions around the USA and Europe by NMEA instructors. Courses include the basic Marine Electronics Installer (MEI) and Basic NMEA 2000® Installer Training.  Advanced NMEA installer training courses are not available on line.

Once payment is received, students may begin the training session immediately or take the course at their leisure. The test, which includes 50 questions chosen randomly from a large pool of questions, concludes the online course. Questions include multiple choice, true/false and fill-in-the-blanks. To qualify for an MEI or NMEA 2000® credential, students must earn a minimum passing grade of 80%. At the end of the session, students who pass will be issued a customized credential and a detailed report of which questions they answered correctly and incorrectly. Additionally, passing students will be listed on the NMEA website.

NMEA members (or people who join as new members on the nmea.org website) who pass the MEI online course get the electronic version of the 0400 Installation Standard (320 page document) FREE after course completion. The NMEA staff will verify your membership and send you an electronic copy.

Non-members who pass the course can purchase the 0400 Installation Standard at the price of $300. Please email info@nmea.org if you wish to purchase.

Making NMEA training courses available 24/7/365 for anyone to take online benefits students who want to become NMEA trained in regions of the US and abroad where NMEA does not offer classroom training. This really makes the 0400 Installation Standard a more internationally recognized document as people all over the world now have an avenue to get trained per the standard, which is entirely non-manufacturer specific. The 0400 Installation Standard, combined with NMEA online training and manufacturer-specific installation manuals, give yet another level of technical information for the manufacturer, installer, distributor, dealer, boat builder and retailer.