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Important On Line Training Information

In an effort to preserve the status of the two NMEA Basic training Credentials (MEI and NMEA 2000), we are implementing the following changes as of May 2, 2018 for NMEA On-Line Training.

The "On-Line Training”, unlike the full day "Classroom Training”, is now a two-step process if the individual wants to receive a NMEA Basic MEI or Basic NMEA 2000 Credential and be listed on the NMEA website.

Step One: Any individual can purchase the on line training for $225 per class (Basic MEI or Basic NMEA 2000) which contains the presentation material and a short 10 question quiz.

Step Two: If the individual wants to receive a NMEA Basic MEI or Basic NMEA 2000 Credential and be listed on the NMEA website, they must register to attend a scheduled "Review & Test Day” (Cost $225.00, see NOTE below) event. This half day review led by an NMEA instructor covers material overview with limited Q&A, followed by the 50 question exam with a 1 hour time limit.

An on-line Review & Test day is as follows:
8AM-11AM - MEI Review
11-Noon MEI - Exam
Noon-1PM - Lunch
1PM-4PM - NMEA 2000 Review
4pm-5pm - NMEA 2000 Exam

The first review & testing day will be at the NMEA 2018 conference.

Students only need to attend the half of the day pertaining to the training(s) they purchased (Basic MEI or Basic NMEA 2000). Students who have purchased both on-line courses that want to obtain both credentials must attend the full day.

NOTE: When registering for both Basic MEI & Basic NMEA 2000 at the same training & test event, you will only be charged $225.00 for the entire day (example: Basic MEI Review & Test 8AM and Basic NMEA 2000 Review & Test 1PM). This is a savings of $225.00 versus doing two separate "Review & Test” events.

The NMEA will no longer award a credential or list an individual on the NMEA website if they solely take the on-line training and quiz. Individuals who attend and pass the exam at the review & test event will then be listed on the NMEA website as a NMEA trained installer.

For those individuals who solely want the knowledge and information within the Basic Marine Electronics Installer or the Basic NMEA 2000 Installer trainings, can purchase each individual on-line course for $225.

See www.nmea.org for the most updated training schedule and fast track review & test events. 

NMEA members (or people who join as new members on the nmea.org website) who pass the MEI online course get the electronic version of the 0400 Installation Standard (320 page document) FREE after course completion. The NMEA staff will verify your membership and send you an electronic copy.

Non-members who pass the course can purchase the 0400 Installation Standard at the price of $300. Please email info@nmea.org if you wish to purchase.