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National Marine Electronics Association

Mitigating Electrical Interference:

Have you ever tried to identify a certain electronic noise? Do you know how to minimize the effect of electronics on other onboard systems? In this session, we’ll offer some hands-on experience and answer your questions about whether interference is conducted, radiated, or some combination of the two. We’ll focus on identifying, mitigating, and resolving electrical interference on vessels. This topic is largely misunderstood, blindly attacked, and sometimes never resolved. If you want to know how to find those "little gremlins” that attack your electronics, this session is for you.

How to Properly Install NMEA 2000:

NMEA 2000 may seem ubiquitous, but some misconceptions and misunderstandings about proper installation remain. With its standardized cable and connectors, NMEA 2000 is robust and reliable, but improper installation can cause network problems. In this session, our speakers will aim to answer all of your technical and troubleshooting questions about NMEA 2000. Join us to learn how to measure for proper cable length and size and voltage drops, and assure there is enough power on the NMEA 2000 bus. We’ll also explain parameter group numbers, as well as what must be done for a product to be certified NMEA 2000. We’ll direct you to readily available products that make integration simple.

Best Installation Techniques for Onboard Entertainment Systems:

If not installed properly, entertainment components will cause problems with navigation systems and other electronics on a vessel. Your customers want their MTV, NASCAR, football, video games, music, and movies for themselves and their guests. And they want all of their entertainment options to work seamlessly without interfering with radio communication, navigation, or anything else they may have already installed. In this session, you’ll hear from the experts—manufacturers and dealers—about how to accomplish this engineering feat, including how to incorporate these systems into the NMEA 2000 network

Common Errors in Marine Electronics Installations