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National Marine Electronics Association

2012 NMEA Conference and Expo Presentations:

Business Training

101 - Using the Internet to Market your company
• Building relationships with affluent yacht owners
• Value that your channel partners can add to the sale
• Selling more than hardware – installation assurance and education
• Web sites, optimization, integrating with your supplier’s site

102 - Effective Purchasing and Inventory Management
• Fundamentals to improve your profits through smart purchasing
• Inventory management to improve your inventory turnover ratio and transform
 frozen assets into cash

104 - Project Management cost/benefit
• Be successful in complex projects with effective project management
• Benefits of a structured project management plan in your operation
• Achieve better operations with higher profits, better customer satisfaction

105 - Plan your profit, Read your balance sheet
• Reading your balance sheet is like checking your blood pressure.
• See indications of the health, vitality and longevity of your business
• Improve your financial planning

Systems Design

201 - Power Planning
• Clean, reliable power design is critical for all electronics installations
• AC and DC power planning for electronics add-ons
• How to calculate your power needs

202 - Antenna Placement
• Proper antenna placement is a challenge on many installations
• Compromise is often necessary to ensure correct functioning
• Different types of antennas will be discussed with a guide proper placement
• Satellite, RF, VHF and radar antenna recommendations

203 - Thermal Planning
• Thermal overload is responsible for many premature equipment failures
• Learn how to plan thermal loads and mitigate these factors

204 - NMEA 2000 design
• A reliable NMEA 2000 network has to be well planned
• Execute a comprehensive system design prior to the physical installation, to achieve a reliable and optimized NMEA 2000 network from the start

205 - Documenting ‘As Built’
• Optimize installer and technician efficiency in the field by providing good documentation about the original equipment configuration
• Learn about the design and installation process, with emphasis on accurate project documentation, documentation types and terminology, as well as preparing and interpreting drawings.

Installing NMEA Standards

301 - Tool Selection
• Save time and money by ensuring you have the right tool for the job
• Achieve higher quality installations
• Overview of proper tool selection and implementation

302 - Transducer Installation
• Select the appropriate transducer for the intended purpose
• Proper transducer installation is critical to achieving the specified performance of sonar/fish finding systems

303 - Non-RF Planning & Terminations
• Follow the NMEA 0400 standards for non-RF planning and terminations
• Well planned cable runs and connections are critical to system reliability a
• Plan and execute effective power terminations

304 - RF Planning & Terminations
• Follow the NMEA 0400 standards for RF planning and terminations
• Efficient, low-loss RF terminations can be difficult to achieve in the field
• Learn to properly implement the most commonly used RF connections

305 - SHF Techniques
• An overview of Super High Frequency devices and the proper integration into marine electronics systems design
• Planning SHF installations
• What factors you need to consider
• How SHF may affect other devices onboard.

Manufacturer Presentations

Digital Yacht


KEP Marine



2011 NMEA Conference and Expo Presentations:

NMEA 0183 Advancements - Lee Luft, USCG

Insurance Explaned - by Jenny Foster CIC

Building an Effective Website - by Patrice Valentine, President Network Solutions North America

AIS Seminar Presentation

Antenna Seminar

GPS Update

Sat Com Presentation




VSAT Integrators