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This New Class and Function Code Table Version 2.00 is designed to be an organic document and replaces Table 8.1 in the Main Document.  It will permanently reside in the NMEA Network Message Database (Appendix B). This will be a dynamic document.  When new capabilities and new technologies join the NMEA2000® family, we now have a ability to add new class and functions as required by the marketplace. 

For new classes and functions, there will a short and quick application form (attached) to send to NMEA for approval.  Version updates to this table will occur when necessary.

This Version 2.00 and the application form will be placed on www.standards.nmea.org and will be on the NMEA website for a short time until it gets incorporated into the next version of the NMEA Network Message Database (Appendix B)

NMEA2000® Class and Function Codes

NMEA2000® Class and Function code Application