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  • NMEA 2000 Appendix H - Gateways-Electronic
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  • APXH
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  • NMEA 2000® Third Party Applications Bundled with a NMEA 2000® Certified Third Party Gateway, Appendix H Version 1.00 -Electronic 

    This document defines functional and test requirements for a specific class of NMEA 2000
    ® product, the NMEA 2000® Third Party Application Gateway. The NMEA 2000® Third Party Application Gateway is defined as:

    A Certified NMEA 2000® Third Party Gateway that provides a complete hardware and software interface to the NMEA 2000®  backbone on one side of the gateway, and a defined Application Program Interface (API) on the other side in order to support software applications that meet all of the following criteria:

    The software application communicates using native NMEA 2000® parameter groups and protocols, including software that communicates by encapsulating NMEA 2000® parameter groups in some other protocol for transport, such as USB; and,

    The software application is distributed separate from any hardware device so as to be installable on more than one hardware device type/model.

    Note that the previous definition specifically excludes gateways that either:

    Translate NMEA 2000® native protocols to some other protocol, including, but not limited to NMEA 0183, SAE J1939, etc., or

    Implement multiple independent NMEA 2000® interfaces to support multiple NMEA 2000 backbones that are populated exclusively with other NMEA 2000 certified products.

    These last two gateway products are already well handled within the NMEA 2000® standard itself and do not require additional testing.

    The NMEA 2000
    ® Third Party Application Gateway API serves to isolate the software application and the hardware it is hosted on from the NMEA 2000® backbone, ensuring that no unknown or unverifiable operation of either the software application or the hardware it is hosted on can have a detrimental impact on the NMEA 2000® backbone. Guaranteeing this isolation places additional requirements on the NMEA 2000® Third Party Application Gateway. This document identifies those requirements, as well as the required testing that verifies that those requirements have been met.

    All Third Party Application Gateways must be Certified by NMEA and applications using them must be approved for each Certified Gateway they can be used with. The Third Party Gateway must adhere to the regular NMEA 2000
    ® Certification process and fees.  The publisher of each application certified to use Third Party Gateways to access the NMEA 2000® backbone only pays $99 per gateway model that the application is approved for.  Click below:

    3rd Party Application Bundled with Certified NMEA 2000® 3rd Party Gateway


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