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Product Name : Manufacturer Level 3
Product Code : memman3-REN-C
Price :
MANUFACTURER – Any business (domestic or international) involved directly in the manufacture of marine electronic equipment, software, apps, or supplies, or any business (domestic or international) that uses NMEA as a vehicle to promote, directly or indirectly, sales of any product or service, tangible or intangible.  A manufacturer cannot be listed under any other membership category. Manufacturer membership levels are based on the amount of company employees.

MANUFACTURER LEVEL 3- (50+ Employees)

Annual Fee:     New Member $1925    Renewal $1795
NMEA Memberships are annual and run from January to December. Dues are not prorated.

Specific Category benefits (included with dues)

1.    *NMEA Installer Training (NMEA 2000, MEI, AMEI) offered to all employees at no charge.

2.    Complimentary private meeting space (1/2 day) on the day before the annual NMEA conference at the conference venue. This must be used for customer meetings, or customer training, and not manufacturer employee specific meetings. This is offered to all NMEA Manufacturer Level 3 members on a first come first serve basis, contingent on space availability. Reserving this space begins the same date and time as the opening of the NMEA conference exhibit sales.  Food and beverage is included.

3.    Discounted exhibit space offered at NMEA Conference. (Only manufacturers can exhibit at NMEA Conference)

*Manufacturer on-site training offers are limited to the continental USA. (Outside this area, on-line training is available) Manufacturer training is offered once per calendar year, at a mutually agreeable time & location, either at a NMEA scheduled training venue or a manufacturer facility.  See NMEA training schedule at