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Version 1.200-Electronic
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  • NMEA 2000 Appendix C
    Version 1.200-Electronic
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  • 2000-1.200C-ELECTRONIC
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  • NMEA 2000® Test Criteria Version 1.200 Appendix C (Electronic Version) March 2016
    Certification Criteria and Test Methods

    This document is intended to provide the information necessary to ensure that devices meet the minimum requirements of the NMEA 2000® Standard For Serial-Data Networking Of Marine Electronic Devices Specification. 

    This document is not intended to encompass all aspects of designing, building, and testing NMEA 2000® devices.  Rather, the goal is to identify specific requirements within the NMEA 2000® Specification, which are critical to achieving consistent and proper network behavior from any device from any manufacturer.  In addition, the methods to validate specific requirements, and the expected validation results are provided. 

    NMEA 2000® Devices are certified to a Level of Compliance to the Standard.  The level of certification is determined by the functionality of the device to the network, and by the information the device must provide or receive from the network.  There are two recognized levels of certification; Level A and Level B.  Certification to Level A means that a device to be certified must meet all mandatory test conditions in sections 2 and 3 within this document.  Certification to Level B means that a device to be certified must meet all mandatory test conditions in sections 2 and 4 within this document. 

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